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Welcome to Jolie Grace, moisture care for kids with natural hair.

We're so excited to announce that Curly Cream, The Ultimate Leave-in Detangler is ready  to go!  We can't wait to hear your feedback, and we're sure you will experience the same, great results we've experienced using it on our little ones!


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Who is Jolie Grace?

The genesis of Jolie Grace



Jolie Grace came about after the birth of our two beautiful daughters, Jolie and Grace.  They truly are our pride and joy, and we noticed that we were having trouble finding 

natural hair care products that worked well for their textured hair type.  

You see, they're bi-racial and one product would address moisture concerns, and another product would address the texture concerns.  It was that realization that give us the idea for for Jolie Grace.  

Our Story



When we decided to embark on this exciting adventure, we took a look at a few things to make sure that we could not only make a product that fit our needs, but also make a product that we would be proud to share with our community.

St. Petersburg's diverse and nurturing culture gave us the courage to give this a real try.  

Now we are proud to introduce Jolie Grace: organic shampoo and conditioner.  We offer our products with a focus on moisture for children’s textured hair.  Jolie Grace are gentle products with effective cleansing and moisturizing properties without all of the scary chemicals found in major brands.

Thank you!



We feel so confident in our products that we use them on our toddlers and we have experienced wonderful results.  Jolie's hair is as soft as ever and we've had to rely less on leave in conditioners and detanglers for brushing and combing Grace's hair.

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to learn a little about our story, and we hope that you give our products an opportunity or at least share the word.

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